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Unveiling of the iSabiPlay Mascot is coming soon. Don't forget to catch it on our website and social media channels.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is taking the juggernaut franchise even further into the future, introducing magnificent space dogfights and robotic adversaries in a world dominated by rogue federations stretched across the solar system. It's a stark difference to the muddy trenches of Battlefield 1, opting for fast-paced melodic gameplay over brutal, realistic warfare.

The time is finally coming everyone as The Last Guardian is now officially gone gold and will be launching on December 6. Word comes from a producer on the game Jun Yoshino who sent out the following tweet.

For the number of times video games have dropped us into the battles of World War II, there’s been a serious lack of titles taking us to the warzones of the first World War. Maybe it’s because of the brutality of the war, or the primitive technology, but there’s only a handful of titles set in this historic period. Battlefield 1 splits off from the modern settings of its predecessors in favor of a setting right in the heart of World War I, and for the most part it manages to nail its setting. The two parts of the game, campaign and multiplayer, feel very different and almost like two separate games at points, but each succeeds in its own way.

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