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The creators of Rise of the Tomb Raider presented for the first time, how the game will be enriched, fired on PS4 Pro. Of course, we could not forgive myself of this opportunity and we have prepared a summary of improved binding of the original. Welcome.

Uncharted 4 has just received a brand new update today from Naughty Dog. Along with the update, they have also added support for PS4 Pro. Since Uncharted 4 supports rendering the game at 4K, using one of the many upscaling solutions available for PS4 Pro, it can show its true beauty on a 4K TV. PS4 Pro is able to capture the game’s screenshot in native 4K and thanks to images shared by an early PS4 Pro user, we can now get an idea of how it looks in action.

This may come as a large surprise to some gamers: Battlefield 1 has one of the best campaign moments of the current generation, if not the first-person war genre itself. The idea of a modern-day FPS that isn’t focused on some deeper meaning, like Spec Ops: The Line, sounds like a pipe dream these days. However, Battlefield 1 truly shines in its second ‘War Story,’ creating a narrative deserving of dissection and analysis. 

Push Square: "Whichever of our esteemed colleagues in the games industry coined the word 'bullshot' deserves a knighthood. The term – a combination of a curse word and 'screenshot' – refers to the practice of publishers releasing images not wholly representative of their games. Indeed, during the PlayStation 3 era particularly, it was common for companies to dress up their games with images rendered at a much higher resolution than last-gen consoles could ever cope with, before scaling them back down. This led to the pictures looking much cleaner than what you'd ever actually see on your screen."


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