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When this 'research paper was published' a couple of months ago Nigerians asked if this applies to African men. iSabiPlay (Nigerian's leading videogaming outfit) has interviewed lots of gamers and non-gamers, ladies and gentlemen and we can confirm this (interviews to be shared via our Instagram page @iSabiPlay and www.iSabiPlay.com respectively).

Research says 75% of women report that they do not experience orgasms (are unsatisfied) during sex; the solution is here. Let your man play some video games or reach out to us if you want to buy him some game equipment.

"Men who play games often are less likely to ejaculate prematurely, experts say.

But it's not because they possess superior skills when it comes to making love. It is likely to be because (among other factors) because of the high pressure of gaming leads to a reduced sex drive, the Italian study found.

So, if Men want to last longer in bed, they should consider turning on or buying a PlayStation, new research shows.

Those who play games for an hour each day are less likely to ejaculate prematurely - which can be embarrassing for men."

"How was the study carried out?

Researchers at the Sapienza University of Rome quizzed 396 men who were aged between 18 and 50 for the study, a group which over 66% self-identified as gamers.

It is important to know that it all depends on what game he plays, some games have the opposite effect.

For those who are not as worried about their….uhm, libido, do know that studies also show that video games help young people learn communication skills, mental versatility and how to be resourceful.

So, its all a Win Win

'Culled from Daily Mail UK | www.dailymail.co.uk'

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